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f2 Transforming Healthcare Operations

Discover how f2, our cutting-edge Asset Performance Management System, is making waves in the fast-paced NHS environment.

South Devon Healthcare Trust


f2 addresses the demands for current information in the fast-paced NHS environment, involving an integrated, but flexible approach to all aspects of Medical Devices Support.

"This includes asset management, device maintenance - repairs, scheduled service (ppm), auctioning of MHRA Medical Device Alerts, Service Level Agreements, and External Maintenance Contracts as well as invoicing.​


"f2 incorporates comprehensive reporting which is now essential to effective medical devices management.

"The strengths of f2 lies in understanding that although the management system is device centric there are requirements for a strong focus on customer lead enquiries and reporting. Being a totally web-based application allows for the ultimate in ease of deployment, with the database engine and application using the latest but equally proven Microsoft software tools.

"We have been impressed in how the infoHealth development team listens to the customer’s requirements, requests and wish lists and together prioritise to produce an agreed strategy. The time of development from initial designs to first working product has been rapid and responsive over the last 2 years. infoHealth really understands the peculiarities of the NHS.

"I can see f2 evolving into an integrated “One Stop desktop application for the busy Medical Device Support technician/department.”

Peter Depla

Former Head of Medical Electronics at South Devon Healthcare Trust, Torbay Hospital

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