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Medical Asset Performance Management System

Medical management system


The f2 Asset Performance Management System has been developed by infoHealth an UK based company in collaboration with NHS Trust Hospitals and is based on a customer focused development led approach.

  • f2 is a dynamic and innovative product which combines leading edge web technology (Microsoft ASP.NET / SQL Server) to cater for the operational demands of the NHS.

  • f2 is robust database package that is both widely applicable to the Medical / Clinical Engineering fraternity but can also be adapted for the specific needs of individual NHS trust.

Core Functionality

At infoHealth, We understand the critical role efficient operations play in the success of your healthcare facility. Our cutting-edge application seamlessly integrates a robust suite of core functionalities designed to streamline and optimize your operations.

Key Features:

  • Device Register Management: Meticulously track and manage all your medical devices with our intuitive Device Register module.

  • Maintenance Contracts Tracking: Keep comprehensive records of maintenance contracts, ensuring timely service and compliance.

  • Work Requests/Repairs, and Scheduled Services: f2 provides a systematic approach to asset maintenance, managing work requests, repairs, and scheduled services efficiently.

  • Spares/Stock Control: Gain unparalleled control over your medical assets with features like Spares/Stock Control, ensuring you always have the necessary supplies on hand.

  • Equipment Library: Access a centralized Equipment Library for easy reference and management of all medical equipment within your facility.

  • Staff Training Records: Keep track of staff training records effortlessly, ensuring your team is well-equipped to handle the latest technologies.

  • Integrated Reports: Elevate your efficiency with our integrated Reports feature, providing insightful analytics for informed decision-making.

  • Help Desk: Ensure prompt issue resolution with our Help Desk feature, keeping your operations running smoothly.

  • Administration Tools: Empower yourself with Administration tools that allow you to customize and tailor the system to your specific needs.

  • System Audit: Our System Audit guarantees compliance and accountability, ensuring that your operations meet regulatory standards.

  • Document Management: Keep your essential records organized and easily accessible with our Document Management feature.

  • Enhanced Security Features: Fortify your data against unauthorized access with enhanced security features, including designated Security Teams/Technicians.

  • Diverse Location Management: Manage diverse locations effortlessly with dedicated functionalities for Customer locations and Third Parties.

A holistic approach to medical asset management with our comprehensive and user-friendly f2 application.

We're dedicated to helping you achieve operational excellence in your healthcare facility. 

Additional Features for Enhanced Efficiency

  • Integration to Other Operational Systems: Seamlessly integrate f2 with other operational systems within your healthcare facility, promoting a cohesive and interconnected workflow.

  • UMD/GMD and Other Nomenclature Standards: Adhere to Universal Medical Device/General Medical Device standards and other nomenclature norms, ensuring compatibility and compliance.

  • ReadySupport for Barcoding: Enhance asset tracking and management with ready support for bar-coding, simplifying data input and retrieval.

  • Technology Integration: PDA, RFID, Wireless Capable: Embrace the latest in technology with f2's integration capabilities for Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), and wireless technologies, ensuring flexibility in operations.

  • MHRA and Manufacturer Notices: Stay informed and compliant with Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) guidelines and receive timely notifications from manufacturers.

  • NHSLA Compliance: Ensure adherence to National Health Service Litigation Authority (NHSLA) compliance standards, promoting legal and operational security.

  • Risk-based Management: Implement a risk-based management approach within f2, allowing you to prioritize and address potential risks in your healthcare operations.

  • Continual Enhancements: f2 is committed to continual enhancements, regularly improving operational processing and information distribution for your facility.

  • Reporting Capabilities: Utilize powerful reporting features through MS SQL 2008 'Report Builder' and ODBC compliant database tools. Generate adhoc reports by dragging and dropping fields, exporting them in your desired format.

  • User Customization of Screens: Empower users to customize screens according to their needs, providing a personalized and user-friendly interface.

  • Legacy Systems Database Migration: Seamlessly migrate data from legacy systems into f2, ensuring a smooth transition and incorporating full data conversion for historical information.

  • Microsoft Office Integration: Integrate with Microsoft Office suite for seamless document management and collaboration.

  • Extensive Data Export Capability: Export data effortlessly to various formats, including MS Office, PDF, XML, and more, providing flexibility in sharing and analyzing information.

f2 is not just a system; it's a comprehensive solution that evolves with your needs,

ensuring your healthcare facility remains at the forefront of efficiency and innovation.

Benefits &  Efficiency

f2 is 100% web-based, essential for ease of deployment and support . It can be deployed internally or hosted externally on infoHealth's secure cloud to monitor, manage, and control all medical assets.


  • Paperless Solution

  • 24x7 System Accessibility

  • Technology Integration: Barcodes, PDA, RFID, Wi-Fi

  • Adopt Standard IT Infrastructure MS .NET SQL Server

  • Total Management Control of Assets

  • Remote Access for Service and Support

  • Simple User License Model

  • Low Cost of Ownership

  • Structured Format - Data Input

  • Comprehensive Management Statistics and Reports

  • ODBC Compliant Database Tools

  • Risk Management

  • Bid Planning and Replacement Program

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

  • NHSLA/CQC/Governance Management Reporting Standards

  • Audit Trail

  • One universal licence.

  • Unlimited multiple users.

  • Fully NHS HSCN Compliant for Remote Access



infoHealth offers a full set of IT consultancy services to fully support and supplement f2.

The key services are as follows

  • Helpdesk | First Line Support Service - including email, telephone, remote Internet access support, support for operational IT infrastructure, Service Level Agreements (SLA)​

  • Technical | Second Line Support Service - including System Audit, System Implementation, Ongoing Support & Troubleshooting, regular Healthcheck, Capacity Planning, Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Planning​

  • Bespoke Software Development - utilising Microsoft .NET & SQL Server technologies​

  • Information Management Services​

  • System & Technical Consulting​

  • Project Management​

  • System Training


Let's Build Something Great Together

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