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Welcome to infoHealth Solutions, where innovation meets integrity in the world of healthcare IT. Founded in 2006, our journey has been a testament to our commitment to delivering technologically advanced solutions with a personalized touch.

Discover the heartbeat of healthcare excellence with infoHealth Solutions and our flagship product, f2 Medical Asset Management Solutions. Positioned as the backbone of operations in all NHS trusts across the UK, f2 reflects not just our technical prowess but the unwavering trust bestowed upon us by healthcare pioneers. Embracing a customer-centric ethos, we customize f2 to suit the unique needs of each trust, fostering a partnership that prioritizes your success. Our values revolve around integrity, transparency, and ethical practices, ensuring a collaboration grounded in professionalism and innovation. Join us in reshaping the future of healthcare IT – a journey with infoHealth is a commitment to a healthier world. Partner with us for cutting-edge IT and engineering consulting that transforms challenges into opportunities.

Innovation and growth with infoHealth Solutions, your strategic partner in the world of gaming. Our bespoke IT solutions go beyond the conventional technology, diving deep into the essence of your gaming business. We conduct thorough assessments, made strategies that align with your vision, optimizing processes, and delivering tangible outcomes.

Embrace the future confidently with our Digital Transformation services. Our experts guide you through the entire journey, analyzing your current digital landscape and implementing transformative solutions using the latest technologies. Elevate efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and boost overall business performance.

Safeguard your digital assets with our robust Cybersecurity Assurance. We go beyond conventional security, conducting comprehensive risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities and implementing proactive measures to keep your systems secure and resilient.


Our commitment to Engineering Excellence ensures that every project, from concept to execution, is not only technically sound but also innovative and future-proof. Beyond technical solutions, our Consultancy for Growth collaborates with you to identify opportunities and formulate strategies for sustainable success.

Our support doesn't end with implementation; we stand by your side, providing continuous support and optimization. Partner with infoHealth Solutions for a journey of innovation, efficiency, and growth in the dynamic world.


infoHealth's mission is to revolutionize healthcare operations through our innovative medical asset management system. We focus on easing hospital challenges by enhancing equipment monitoring, ensuring swift staff tracking during emergencies, and simplifying patient-related reporting. Our goal is to streamline processes for efficient healthcare management and improved patient outcomes.


Our vision at infoHealth Solutions is to revolutionize patient care globally with our f2 Medical Asset Solution. Empowering hospitals with advanced technology, f2 ensures seamless equipment tracking, swift emergency response, and optimized patient care. Join us in transforming healthcare operations for a world where medical assets are managed effortlessly, responses are swift, and patient care is at its best with our innovative f2 solutions.

Revolutionize healthcare with infoHealth f2  This medical asset management solution effortlessly addresses equipment tracking, staff location, and patient reporting, boosting hospital efficiency. Streamlined operations empower professionals, ensuring optimal care, improved outcomes, and elevated standards. Embrace the future with InfoHealth for cutting-edge solutions, delivering efficient care and optimized outcomes.

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