Revolutionising medical asset performance 


for the NHS


infoHealth is the first choice medical device asset

management system among healthcare professionals

wanting to create dynamic workflows, enhance efficiencies

and drive productivity.

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Established in 2006, infoHealth is a leading developer of robust web-based management systems for the NHS. Its core product f2 has fast become the preferred medical asset management platform, seeing it being fully deployed in NHS Trusts throughout the UK, meeting the exacting, individual requirements of each hospital.


Evolving f2's system functionality is firmly rooted in the close relationships infoHealth has with its customers. Providing a platform to garner real time feedback, the company is able to make critical updates by spotting commonalities and operational trends as they happen, driving ongoing product development and adding value to f2's end users.






infoHealth offers a full set of IT consultancy services to fully support and supplement f2.

The key services are as follows:


  • Helpdesk | First Line Support Service - including email, telephone, remote Internet access support, support for operational IT infrastructure, Service Level Agreements (SLA)

  • Technical | Second Line Support Service - including System Audit, System Implementation, Ongoing Support & Troubleshooting, regular Healthcheck, Capacity Planning, Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Bespoke Software Development - utilising Microsoft .NET & SQL Server technologies

  • Information Management Services


  • Business & Technical Consulting

  • Project Management

  • Technical Training

  • Procurement Service - for leading hardware and software products, such as Microsoft, HP, Dell, Cisco, etc.




f2: core functionality

f2 is 100% web-based, essential for ease of deployment and support . It can be deployed internally or hosted externally on infoHealth's secure cloud to monitor, manage, and control all medical assets.

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One universal licence.

Unlimited multiple users.

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Fully NHS HSCN Compliant for Remote Access

Integrated core functionality:


  • Device Register

  • Maintenance Contracts

  • Work Requests / Repairs

  • Scheduled Services (e.g. PPM)

  • Spares / Stock Control

  • Equipment Library

  • Staff Training Records

  • Reports 

  • Help Desk

  • Administration

  • System Audit

  • Document Management

  • SecurityTeams / Technicians

  • Customer locations

  • Third Parties

Additional features

  • Integration to Other Operational Systems

  • UMD/GMD and Other Nomenclature Standards

  • ReadySupport for Bar-coding

  • Technology Integration: PDA, RFID, Wireless capable

  • MHRA and Manufacturer Notices

  • NHSLA Compliance

  • Risk-based Management

f2 is undergoing continual enhancements to improve operational processing and information distribution.

  • Reporting (via MS SQL 2008 ‘Report Builder’ and ODBC Compliant Database Tools). 
    Adhoc reports: fields can be dragged and dropped to create a list of items and exported as a report into a desirable format

  • User Customisation of Screens

  • Legacy Systems Database Migration incorporating full data conversion

  • Microsoft Office integration

  • Extensive Data Export Capability to MS Office, PDF, XML, etc.


South Devon Healthcare Trust

Wirral University Teaching Hospital

f2 addresses the demands for current information in the fast-paced NHS environment, involving an integrated, but flexible approach to all aspects of Medical Devices Support.

"This includes asset management, device maintenance - repairs, scheduled service (ppm), auctioning of MHRA Medical Device Alerts, Service Level Agreements, and External Maintenance Contracts as well as invoicing.

"f2 incorporates comprehensive reporting which is now essential to effective medical devices management.

"The strengths of f2 lies in understanding that although the management system is device centric there are requirements for a strong focus on customer lead enquiries and reporting. Being a totally web-based application allows for the ultimate in ease of deployment, with the database engine and application using the latest but equally proven Microsoft software tools.

"We have been impressed in how the infoHealth development team listens to the customer’s requirements, requests and wish lists and together prioritise to produce an agreed strategy. The time of development from initial designs to first working product has been rapid and responsive over the last 2 years. infoHealth really understands the peculiarities of the NHS.

"I can see f2 evolving into an integrated “One Stop desktop application for the busy Medical Device Support technician/department.”

Peter Depla, Former Head of Medical Electronics at South Devon Healthcare Trust, Torbay Hospital

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust

To implement a ‘Virtual Library’ utilising the f2 Asset Performance Management System and RFID tracking.


"Working with inforHealth's f2 system to establish and implement our virtual library has had multiple benefits to the tracking and monitoring of our medical devices and changed the way our teams work for the better.


"We have successfully streamlined our management activities and digitised our processes so that when equipement is in use or removed from a designated area, or needs servicing, or locating, the asset teams can access the relevant information at a click of a button.


"The due diligenece up front has paid off, f2 has helped in lowering staffing levels and capital costs. Seamless integration and deployment, married with effective and efficient usability... would thoroughly recommend."


Stuart Stagg, Electronics Team Leader, Biomedical Engineering Dept

New software for a new direction, Wirral University Teaching Hospital choses f2

“To adopt new software is challenging, there will always be resistance to change but introducing new ways of working and selling the benefits of common practice across the NHS has helped. As the software has been designed using input from a number of Trusts common ways of working are developing and we have changed some of our working practices to comply.

"Converting to f2 has been a major step forward for our Trust both in the accuracy of the data management and ease of use.

"To change is daunting and hard work but ultimately refreshing and worthwhile, definitely a positive step forward.”

Rod Howard, Former Chief Technician, EBME Department, Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

The Royal Wolverhampton Hospital NHS Trust

New Cross Hospital implemented an Equipment Library for Mattress Management. Utilising the Trusts f2 Asset Performance Management System (infoHealth-Solutions) and Centrak RFID tracking and staff access via the MPCE Helpdesk.

Equipment Library - f2/RFID Mattress Management  

Order Processing

Clinical Equipment Resource - Library Live Metrics

Responding to Orders 

Reactive Maintenance

Asset Tracking

Real-time location data

  • Comprehensive Audit trail of mattresses loans 

  • Mandatory Waterlow score entered for Pressure Relieving Mattresses‘ alert to the home page in f2 to show there is a loan item now awaiting collection 

  • Generate Reports e.g., who made the request, where it went to, the Waterlow score and the Quarantine status, etc 

  • Date time stamped audit trail so mattress loans, have a recorded series of dates

  • Loan request date - OneView

  • Request response date - f2

  • Loan start date - f2

  • User completed date - OneView

  • Loan return date - f2

Support and validation for this service model 

  • Highly commended by NHS Midlands and East Peer Review

  • Service praised after visits by NHSLA and CQC

  • Cited as a good model to follow which led to several Trusts visiting CERL

Roger Moore, Operational Quality Manager / Medical Physics & Clinical Engineering

Forefront Technologies Inc.

Forefront technologies Inc. is a US headquartered product and solutions company spread across through its subsidiary companies in United Kingdom, India and Malaysia offering niche technology, IT automation practices in the area of retail, healthcare, utilities and manufacturing, have become a strategic partner to Infohealth-Solutions, and we are showcasing their
capabilities which complement and enhance the f2 offering and services.

Power BI empowers healthcare workers to analyze patient data and share insights, dashboards, and business intelligence reports, especially in an emergency, with others to get a comprehensive picture and provide critical care promptly. Undoubtedly, Power BI is used for healthcare data visualization and analysis.

Healthcare providers can derive insights required to reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve patient care while adhering to the compliances and regulations by integrating Power BI. Moreover, Power BI can provide healthcare organizations greater visibility into their data and can collect greater insights for their key performance indicators (KPIs). This technology has a large potential to contribute in many areas of the healthcare industry. With a Power BI dashboard, one can monitor hospital and healthcare quality indicators such as;

Optimize clinical decision making and improve care experiences

  • Empower health team collaboration

  • Gain clinical and operational insights

  • Reimagine healthcare


PIS deals with the maintenance of drugs and consumables in the pharmacy unit. PIS deals with the maintenance of drugs and consumables in the pharmacy unit. The setup of this pharmacy information system will ensure availability of sufficient quantity of drugs and consumables materials for the customer. This will enhance the efficiency of clinical work and ease customer’s convenience.

It is a robust, integrated System that provides relevant information in a single pharmacy as well as across the multiple pharmacy outlets about sales, purchase and stock in a seamless flow. Pharmacy Information System is an exclusive and advanced feature packed software for automation of complete activities in a pharmacy, using advanced Microsoft technologies and highly accurate reporting services to work with a user-friendly atmosphereCMS (Clinical Management System) which integrates and coordinates all day-to-day activities involved in a clinic.

CMS (Clinical Management System)

Clinic Management System is a software product from Forefront Technologies that integrates and coordinates all day to day activities involved in the management and running of a clinic.
This application software which helps in competent management of a clinic by managing doctor’s appointment, patient treatment history, diagnostics information and administrative activities of a clinic. The system offers modules for Doctors registration, patient registration, Doctors appointment, Patient scheduling, Laboratory Analysis Report, Patient information including history and administrative activities and moreover the system handles report generation for all client requirement.





  • The tele-presence network facilitates collaboration between doctors, family members, specialists, medical school students and hospital administrators.

  • Tele-presence machines are driven remotely using a laptop or phone.

  • Accompany the patient wherever they go in the hospital.

  • Machines are inexpensive and only require wi-fi to operate.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful solution that can work great for the healthcare industry can offer a breakdown of internal systems and database relationships in addition to a 360- degree view of the patient for you to provide personalized service for your patients.

  • Forefront can help your organization identify the Dynamics 365 applications that best fit your needs. With enhanced capabilities supported by Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI, we deliver xRM solutions on the Dynamics 365 platform to enable organizations to stay ahead.

  • With the introduction of Dynamics 365 Healthcare Accelerator, the Dynamics 365 Business Application Platform brings to life its first vertically focused set of Common Data Model extensions. The Dynamics 365 Healthcare accelerator solution adds a robust set of features to the already extensive productivity suite offered by Dynamics 365 specifically for Healthcare.


HIS - A health information system (HIS) refers to a system designed to manage healthcare data.
Telemedicine allows healthcare providers to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients without the need for an in-person visit.