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First Choice Medical Device Asset Management System Among Healthcare Professionals

Our Services

infoHealth, a leading provider of web-based medical asset management systems tailored for the NHS. Our premier product, f2, revolutionizes medical asset management and is trusted by NHS organizations across the country. In addition to f2, we provide specialized IT consultancy, custom solutions, and Business Intelligence services for the healthcare sector. Our offerings are fully compliant with NHS HSCN standards.

Our Expertise

We specialize in securing and providing accessible Medical data. Our comprehensive suite of services can help you streamline workflows, enhance efficiency, and boost productivity. Whether you need cutting-edge solutions, expert consultancy, or a dedicated partnership, We are here to advance your healthcare management. Join us and experience the future of medical device asset management.

Our Approach

Our client-centric approach ensures tailored IT consultancy services, empowering healthcare professionals to streamline workflows and boost productivity. Our commitment extends beyond delivery, providing end-to-end support, and forming a partnership dedicated to advancing the future of medical asset management and healthcare excellence.

Established in 2006, infoHealth is a leading developer of robust web-based management systems for the NHS. Its core product f2 has fast become the preferred medical asset management platform among healthcare professionals, seeing it being fully deployed in NHS Trusts throughout the UK, meeting the exacting, individual requirements of each hospital.


Revolutionising medical asset performance management for the NHS


Why Choose Us?


f2 is 100% web-based, essential for ease of deployment and support. It can be deployed internally or hosted externally on infoHealth's secure cloud to monitor, manage, and control all medical assets.

Additional Support Services

We have worked with leading healthcare organizations to create innovative solutions that have had a real impact on patient care. Our success stories demonstrate our expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare apps.

Our Team

Our team consists of experts in app development, user experience design, and healthcare technology. We are passionate about creating healthcare solutions that make a difference.


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International Business Partner

Forefront Technologies International Inc.

Forefront technologies Inc. is a US headquartered product and solutions company spread across through its subsidiary companies in United Kingdom, India and Malaysia offering niche technology, IT automation practices in the area of retail, healthcare, utilities and manufacturing, have become a strategic partner to Infohealth-Solutions, and we are showcasing their capabilities which complement and enhance the f2 offering and services.

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